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Research Theme: Wetlands

Wetlands are unique habitats where water covers the soil (or is found near the surface of the soil) for all or part of the year. In California, wetlands include habitats such as estuaries, lagoons, streams and rivers, wet meadows, sloughs, lakes and playas, slopes, seeps, springs, and vernal pools. Riparian habitat, consisting of hydrophyllic (water-loving) vegetation usually found along the margins of wetlands, rivers, and lakes, is considered an integral part of wetland ecosystems. Because Southern California is a semi-arid climate, wetlands in this region feature flora and fauna specially adapted to seasonally dry conditions.

SCCWRP Research

SCCWRP’s wetland research aims to produce scientific data and diagnostic tools for use by environmental managers. These improve regional capacity to conserve, restore, and manage wetland and riparian resources. SCCWRP scientists also work to develop capacity for wetland monitoring and assessment by supporting regional and state partners such as the Southern California Wetland Recovery Project (WRP). In addition, SCCWRP studies the historic ecology of wetland habitats and researches contemporary human impacts on ecology and biogeochemistry.

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