Data Collection and Analysis Tools

SCCWRP Research

SCCWRP has created many tools that assist scientists, managers and decision makers in collecting and analyzing data. Most of these tools have provided an easy way for SCCWRP Member Agencies, scientists and other collaborators to collect and submit their data in Standardized Data Transfer Formats (SDTFs), which are essential to making comparable, easy to analyze data. Examples of data acquisition tools include the Southern California Regional Data Center Data Entry Program, the Field Computer used for the Regional Bight Surveys and the Bioassessment Database used for conducting stream field surveys.

Information management programs are presented with the challenge of producing useable data for scientists, managers and the public. All of the data from SCCWRP projects is made publically accessible through the website, and can be downloaded in a variety of formats. The Data Search page allows users to find data by subject, project or location.

Anyone can browse and download the tools on the SCCWRP website. If you are unable to find the tool you are looking for, please contact a member of the information management team at SCCWRP.

An example of a data tool developed by SCCWRP; this user interface was created so that multiple organizations could simultaneously upload, review, and analyze water quality data from southern California.

SCCWRP's Data Tools include:

For more information on data collection and analysis tools, contact Shelly Moore at (714) 755-3207.

This page was last updated on: 12/10/2018