Search and Map Data

A top priority for SCCWRP is to provide our stakeholders and the general public with accurate and timely data in accessible formats. We are constantly working on way to improve our data delivery systems. You can access our data in two ways: 1) through a geographic search which allows you to find data in an area of interest; and 2) through a simple query of our data catalog.

Geographic Data Search

Our geographic data search tool features a simple map interface to allow you to search SCCWRP's data by choosing a particular area. You may then refine the search by survey, parameter, or group of chemicals or nutrients. 

Map-based search interface

Data Catalog Search

The catalog includes a comprehensive list of data from the following major regional surveys conducted by SCCWRP since 1977.

• Bight 2003 Survey
• 2000 EPA EMAP
• 1999 EPA EMAP
• California Sediment Quality Objectives Database
• Natural Loadings Study
• Dry Weather Water Quality
• Atmospheric Deposition of Pollutants to Santa Monica Bay
• Bight 1998 Survey
• 1994 pilot project survey
• 1990 reference survey
• 1985 reference survey
• 1977 reference survey

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