SCCWRP Video Library

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Sediment Quality Assessment Overview
Why is sediment quality assessment being studied?


Sediment Quality Assessment Methods
How does sediment quality assessment work, in short?


Sediment Quality Assessment Findings
What does sediment quality data tell us?

Microbial Source Tracking Overview
A brief overview of SCCWRP's research in microbial source identification and tracking


Microbial Source Tracking Methods
How do scientists identify and track sources of microbial pollution? A short synopsis


Microbial Source Identification Study at Doheny Beach
Overview of a local SCCWRP study to support the statewide Source Identification Protocol Project (SIPP)

DNA Barcoding Overview
What is DNA barcoding and why is SCCWRP looking into it?


DNA Barcoding Methods
A look into SCCWRP's research to adapt DNA barcoding methods for water quality monitoring


qPCR Training Video
In-depth guide to performing the rapid beach water quality monitoring method

Interview with SCCWRP Executive Director
A brief glimpse into the role of SCCWRP's Executive Director


Story of SCCWRP Slideshow
Written and photographic history of SCCWRP as an organization


How Effective is Southern California's Water Quality Management?
May 2014 presentation by SCCWRP Director Dr. Steve Weisberg at UC Irvine "Toward a Sustainable 21st Century" series